Famous Faces


Here at Sixes and Sevens we get some interesting visitors to our store, some famous, some not but one thing we can guarantee, no matter who you are, we always have a little something fun for everyone and in the event we don't, it probably means you don't have a sense of humour.

The Little Bunny and The Big Johnson

I honestly can't say a bad word about Boris, he has been through so much already and I think he has done an amazing job. So let's just leave him and his love for JellyCat bunnies alone for a change. Everybody needs a cuddle from time to time and there...

The Emb-Harrys-Ment

Prince Harry, correction... just plain Harry standing proud with his 3rd purchase of our massively popular Liar Liar game. I'm sure you can tell he plays it a lot but has recently complained that Megan and Oprah keep steeling his copies. It will be interesting to see who will eventually become King...

The Kim-Possible Floppy

Oh Kimmy Boy, we knew something was amiss, bark worse than your bite? No snap left in that turtle? We are just glad you stayed away from our Fireworks section because we heard you like the big Bang to compensate for the small Wang.

The Pope on a Rope

Ummm.... let's just say it's going to be one interesting party, it will definitely give meaning to the phrase Party Like a Pope. Please don't condemn me to hell for this, it's really just a Joke about a Pope on a Rope, I didn’t even mention little boys, whooops!!!