Gin Challenge

At Sixes and Sevens

Gin-stant fun for a gin-credible party! Are your parties falling a bit flat? People not mingling freely, refusing to let go of their inhibitions then they need to start playing our Gin Challenge Game. The Great Gin Challenge Game will soon solve your hosting woes! This fun electronic maze game has drink forfeits for failures and will get your guests buzzing (and a bit tipsy) in no time! Starting at G, guide the probe around the word 'Gin' until you reach N... Make sure you don't set off the buzzer, or you'll need to take a sip of your drink. It's a perfect gift for people who love a gin, or for when you host your next party.


  • Depth : 1.50 cm
  • Height : 17.50 cm
  • Width : 12.50 cm


  • Electronic maze drinking game for lovers of gin.
  • The more you drink, the harder it gets… And the harder it gets the more you will drink.
  • Great game for parties and gin lovers!
  • Please play (and drink) responsibly.
  • Gin Challenge Game Requires 2 AA batteries (included).