Trunk Of Drunk Game

At Sixes and Sevens

Trunk of Drunk - 8 Greatest Drinking Games

This is an instant party starter and provides everything you need to play the 8 best drinking games. All you need to do is add friends and booze! 

Proven crowd-pleasers such as Beer Pong, Ring of Fire, I Have Never and Flip Cup will keep the party going all night and you'll still have plenty more games to play the following weekend.  


  1. Beer Pong - Get balls deep in fun with this boozy classic
  2. Ring of Fire (aka King's Cup) - If drunk is the aim, then this is the game
  3. I Have Never - Find out how filthy your friends really are
  4. Most Likely - Get your claws out for this naughty nomination game
  5. Flip Cup - Beautifully simple, outrageously fun
  6. 21's - It's easy to count to 21 right?... wrong
  7. Arrogance - This game will show who has balls of steel
  8. Screw The Dealer - Fast-paced guessing game with a boozy finale

Not only do you get 8 classic party games for the price of 1, but you also get a rule booklet which rates each game by 'Hilarity', 'Simplicity' and 'Drunkenness', and provides simple step-by-step instructions so that you'll never have to argue over the rules again.

Trunk of Drunk serves as a fabulous gift idea for any student, birthday, Christmas, hen do or secret santa present. Plus it's small enough that it can fit in a handbag so that you can take it to your next house party, pre drinks or boozy dinner party.


  • 20 Red Plastic Cups - washable & reusable American style solo cups
  • 4 Ping Pong Balls
  • Custom 52-Card Deck
  • Rule Booklet