Wartime Officer Costume 2XL

At Sixes and Sevens

In this fabulous Wartime Officer costume, you can be both a super-efficient wartime hero and a super-sexy wartime pinup! The outfit includes an army-green jacket, skirt, shirt front, tie, and a hat. The jacket is fitted to create a feminine outline, and has a split vent at the back. Faux pocket flaps and shiny buttons feature on the front, and embroidered stripes feature on both sleeves. Embroidered star medals with red, white, and blue ribbons on the chest give the true 'this-woman-means-business' heroin look, with the shirt front and tie keeping the whole imagine neat and tidy in true 'woman-of-the-1940s' style. The knee-length pencil skirt has a split at the back for ease of movement, allowing you to add comfy shoes for practicality, or a pair of high-heels for the armed forces pinup look - depending on the occasion! The included hat adds an air of reporting for duty, and why not complete the 1940s image with a wartime sweetheart wig (available separately)? It's stylish, it's fun, and it's an instantly recognisable look, so get ready for some admiring glances wherever you go!